The Reality of Sparrows

The Poem

I feel this poem is about how self-absorbed people can be. We often think only about themselves and only from our own perspective, with a lack of understanding for other people. The raven has no idea of what reality is for the sparrow.


The Picture

I have been busy creating art using new print media. This is my first ever linocut of a sparrow (Cowbird). It was created for another project, but the poem and image fit together perfectly. Look for the raven (crow) linocut to be posted later this month. These prints will also be appearing on a number of downtown Calgary utility boxes.


The Reality of Sparrows

Strong, powerful and

cock-sure of myself.


though not really.


Driven by ignorance and


awaiting attention.


Laughing at pain while


is dying

or has died.


Flocked ravens with small brains

All squawk


No concept of the reality of sparrows.


Poem by: Susan Michaud


Cowbird print

Picture by: Sylvia Arthur

Crow Print_small

Picture by: Sylvia Arthur


© Sylvia Arthur


2 thoughts on “The Reality of Sparrows

  1. jay arthur says:

    liked the poem a lot this time. I know the linocut was hard work and it worked out well.

  2. Briggitte Gingras says:

    Well this one is sure makes you think from the inside out. I like this one very much! Great job on the art work Sylvia. 🙂

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