The Poem

For the first time, the featured poem is not by Sue Michaud, but it is about her. Jay Arthur wrote this poem in memory of our friend. Sue was a poet, artist and most especially, a singer. She had one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard. This poem captures her  energy, love and amazing spirit. She is missed.

Sue Michaud (Jan 25, 1962 – Nov. 12, 2013)

The Picture

This composition is created from a number of photos taken at a music jam in our basement. Sue shared her musical gift with everyone and was never too proud to share the spotlight. Sue led me to the artist’s path; painting, singing, creating. I think she’d be glad to know she still inspires my art today.


It’s cold inside

now that you can’t play

It’s cold inside

my heart today


I remember

so many times

how you wore me out

with your grand plan

Hope was eternal

The one thing

I couldn’t understand


No matter

how many times

you were burnt

No matter

how many times

they turned you aside

No matter

You just kept going

and you put all of them

into your ever expanding heart

Goodness for all

for Sue’s sake.


Now that you are gone

I just want a little more,

of your energy.

I crave a little more,

of your smile.

I need a little more,

of your passion.

I wish for just…


By: Jay Arthur



“The Singers” By: Sylvia Arthur


“Untitled” By: Sue Michaud

One thought on “Sue

  1. Susan Calder says:

    Love your art and tribute to your friend Sue.

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