A Little Poem for Sunday

The Poem

This poem takes us back to one Sunday in a little Salvation Army Church where we all stood and joined hands to pray. The poem seems to speak of those Christians who hold onto their faith tightly in the moment, only to forget it later in the week.

The Picture

These words bring to mind an image of community and faith. When all is good, we stand strong, supporting one another. But when things turn bad we often fall apart and separate. Those are the feelings I have “let out” in this picture.


A Little Poem for Sunday

I remember

the passion

of the people at the time

the crisis

the joining of the hands


the circle

united we will stand

and as the song predicts


we’ll fall


So now as we all return to float

living on the stall

waiting for the world

to call

we pocket all of our courage

courtesies and grace

keeping them close

until somebody needs an ace


then we’ll play them all

balls to the wall

go for broke

be a winner after all


In God we trust

when it is handy or close

but from a distance

is just a remnant of a ghost

When the night comes calling

and we wish to rest

what if it’s His time

to stall, to forget


the circle

united we will stand

and as the song predicts


we’ll fall


Poem By: Jay Arthur


Picture By: Sylvia Arthur

Sylvia Arthur ©

4 thoughts on “A Little Poem for Sunday

  1. Powerful. You both speak your truth.

  2. Briggitte Gingras says:

    Another wonderful drawing Sylvia. Jay, another form of your artistic side comes out when we least expect it! A great poem, thanks for sharing.

  3. Janice Cooper says:

    We get the full flavor of Jay’s words while looking at your painting. Beautiful!

  4. your cuz says:

    very powerful both of you 🙂 was just thinking the other day how cool it is that 4 of you are all so artistic & creative in your own ways <3

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