The  Picture

This picture seems like a realistic still life, but look closer and you’ll see its layered with splashes and splatters of paint. I think the painterly expressiveness makes it feel happy and good. Just like spaghetti.

The  Poem

This time I tried something new and wrote my own little poem.


Spaghetti is pasta with a sauce sure to please

But it’s even better sprinkled with cheese

It swirls and twirls and makes my lips slurp.

And if I eat it too fast, out comes a burp.


This comfort food that I eat with delight,

could be served at my table almost every night

It leaves me satisfied, fills up my tummy.

So I pulled out this canvas to paint something yummy.


Poem and Picture by: Sylvia Arthur ©

One thought on “Spaghetti

  1. Susan Kearney says:

    This is deliciously beautiful! Your first poem is a perfect side to the stunning main dish – the painting! I really enjoyed this posting. Then again I might be a bit bias being Italian!! Excellent work Sylvia. Thanks for sharing.

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