Room Full of Memories

      There’s a room in my house

       No one can see

       It’s all closed off

       Full of memories

       of you

       There’s a door to that room

       No entrance is allowed

       You went away and left me

       Without a key

       Won’t you come back and open it for me

       Closed for renovations

       Cobwebs and dust running free

       Ain’t no grand re-opening

       Planned just yet

       you see

       Everybody’s watching

       Wondering what they can do

       It’s just a part of my brain

       Been disconnected by you

       yea you

       you make me cry the whole night through

       a roomful a roomful

       a roomful of memories

       a roomful a roomful

       a roomful of memories

Poem by: Jay Arthur

Opening Door

Picture by: Sylvia Arthur

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