Analyze This

The Poem

Music is not a simple thing when it is analyzed. It’s mathematical and exact, so it seems to be quite a contradiction that making music can be such a spontaneous, joyful experience.


The Picture

This painting was begun a long time ago and sat half finished in a corner for years. Recently, I realized the painting expresses the same idea as the poem. Sue’s poem inspired me to rework the painting and even start over with a new guitar player (always the guitar player). This is about the love of music.


Analyze This

If experience is life

and art is experience

what makes one man’s experience

so different from another man’s experience


that he believes is better;


and by extension, more important

than others


this art that is music;

the precision of

melody       blended time


the laboured


of the

“mathematics of sound”


it is not

systematic understanding

and perfection of the craft that

lifts our hearts and

refreshes our souls



the miracle of

making it.


Poem by: Susan Michaud


It's Only Rock and Roll

Picture by: Sylvia Arthur


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