Short Shorts

The Poem

This short, sweet poem is about how our children become like us over time. Or at least so I thought at first. But Sue the poet always has some underlying, darker message that ebbs beneath the surface. When you look closely, the message is clear.


The Picture

In this painting, the imagery is as sweet as the first words of the poem. I didn’t intend anything beneath the surface, but I did intend for the paint to sit on the canvas’ surface. As a painter I am experimenting with paint and pattern. It feels good and may be the start of a new “painterly approach” for me.


Short Shorts

In our children soon appear

snippets of ourselves so clear.


Water falls in pools,

One drop springs up like salmon

Ripples flow downstream.


Data is

And data does

As data



Machines replace the beauty of

Such human things as love.


By: Susan Michaud



“Kelsey and William”, By: Sylvia Arthur

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