Evelyn 14

The Poem

I believe this poem describes the act of writing a poem or song. The poet acknowledges that the inspiration for her poetry comes from the situations and sorrows of people she knew “from so long ago”.

The Picture

This time, the meaning of the poem did not influence the subject matter of the art. Instead, certain words jumped out at me (black, white, tea, hope, sorrow, so long ago, Evelyn). Those words created a spontaneous picture of “Evelyn” in my subconscious mind, which I then put to paper.


Evelyn 14


Black Letters

white page


high contrast




street life

over tea






the song




exposed faces



singed realities


fused hope


and achievement




from sorrow

so long ago.


By: Susan Michaud


“Evelyn” By: Sylvia Arthur

One thought on “Evelyn 14

  1. jayarthur says:

    this years batch started out good. It is so true; writers are nourished by the shadows of others

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