Closing Time

The Picture

The idea behind this blog is for me to create pictures that are inspired by the poetry of my friend Sue. So, I’m looking through her collection of poems and lyrics trying to find words that speak to me and create a mental word picture. When I read the first line of this poem it instantly put an image in my mind and I drew this quick, spontaneous, sketch. I liked the happy, optimistic idea of the “cheers” and I worked out the more finished version as a mixed media painting. I think there’s another picture in these words as I read on into the poem, but I went with the first thought this time. Maybe next time I’ll dig in a little deeper.

I'll Drink to That

Spontaneous sketch inspired by the phrase, “I’ll drink to that”

The Poem

I enjoy the way this poem cleverly links one cliché line to the next. It doesn’t sound quite as optimistic as it begins and it’s certainly not as optimistic as my painting. To me, this poem reads like it’s telling the story of someone’s hard luck life, kind of loser. Maybe it’s about the typical kind of guy Sue would meet after a gig in the bar; the kind of guy who always tries to make friends with the band. He talks your ear off, telling you his life story as long as he can get another drink, until closing time, when he goes home alone. “You’re my same old thing.”

Who knows? I’d be interested to know what other people get out of this poem.


Closing Time


I’ll drink to that

Some do some don’t (some will some won’t)


Just take your chances

It’s nothing personal




Two friends never left him

God and his mother


I love you

No strings attached

Some things never change


If I had it to do over again

Things were different then


You never miss the water ‘til the well runs dry

Don’t take things so seriously

Take it easy


Feed your body feed your mind

Who ever would have thought

You’re my same old thing


By: Sue Michaud


Here’s what I got out of the poem. Cheers to you Sue.

Closing Time

Mixed media painting, picture for the poem “Closing Time”

by: Sylvia Arthur

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