Self Look

The Poem

The first two lines of this poem grabbed me immediately. They struck me as regretful, wishing that things could’ve been different. The words leave me wondering what the story is about and I find myself trying to interpret it. I suppose that’s because I feel inclined to tell the same story visually with my pictures. To me, Sue is telling her audience to be introspective, to take a look at yourself. She also seems wistful that she couldn’t say or do anything to make things better. (Just like Sue. Always trying to help). Then, when I read this poem again later, I got something completely different out of it. We’ll never know exactly what this poem is written about, but like a good song, the words can still be meaningful to a story in our own lives.


I’d be curious how other people interpret this poem.


The Picture

My concept for “Self Look” feels a bit sad and dark in both colour and manner because that’s the way the poem makes me feel. I wanted this picture to stimulate the imagination in the same way the poem does. The image I’ve depicted could tell many different stories. Maybe even more than I  intended. It could be a couple fighting, or maybe she’s a ghost, or his conscience… or maybe she just has to use the bathroom. The meaning doesn’t really matter. Just like the poems, it’s thinking about all the possibilities that makes this such an engaging project!

Self Look sketchConceptual sketches for “Self Look”




Self Look


If I could only think of words

When words could yet be said

And if those words would touch a man

Not only in his head

If I could turn a pencil

Into something razor sharp

And pure white empty paper

Somehow became your heart

If you could read intentions

As clearly as a book

And honesty




a second look

If all this world was perfect

And you your self

The same

Would there then be this need

for apologies or blame



By: Sue Michaud


Self Look

Self Look painting by: Sylvia Arthur


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